Външна батерия CANYON CNE-CPBF44W 4400mAh, бял

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Compact Powerbank 4400 mAh

Low battery of your smartphone is no longer a problem! Using this powerbank you can charge your devices on the go. It’s very lightweight and compact, so you can keep it in a tiny pocket. LED indicators will show you the remaining level of charge whenever you want. The power bank has enough capacity to charge an average smartphone for 1-2 times. The best choice for a savvy gadget user. Due to incorporated Smart IC technology, this power bank will detect the level your device’s power consumption and charge it at optimal power rates.

• Capacity: 4400 mAh
• Approximate quantity of full charges for an average smartphone: 2
• Output: 5V max 2.4A (USB)
• Input: 5V/2A Micro USB
• Approximate time of charging: 4 hours
• LED indication of charge
• Stylish design, embossed logo
• Smart IC technology allowing to charge devices at maximum power rates

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