Тонколони CANYON CNS-CSP203, лилав/син

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Compact Stereo Speakers

Stylish and good-looking improvement to the sound system of a laptop or a computer. This set of 2 stereo speakers has a decent quality, compact size, low weight and good sound. For your convenience, volume control is located on the speaker. The speakers are compatible with devices that have 3.5mm audio output and a standard USB port.

• Power supply: USB/DC5V
• Compatible with computers equipped with 3.5mm minijack and USB type A
• On-speaker volume control
• 1.2-meter long cable
• Output power: 5W (2.5W*2)
• Frequency range: 100Hz—20KHz
• SNR: ≥ 70dB
• Firmly built from ABS-Plastic
• Net weight: 250 g
• Speaker size: 63x73x63mm*2"



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