Безжичен геймпад CANYON CNS-CMPW5, Charging Mouse Pad 324x244

3400 лв.
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Wireless Charging Mouse Pad 324x244x6 mm



  • 324x244x6 mm size
  • QI standard support
  • Works with most QI-compatible gadgets
  • Wireless charging point input: 5V/9V-2A, output 5W / 7,5W / 10W
  • Charging efficiency up to 75%
  • Surface optimized for all types of mice
  • Upper side: PU + Fiberglass, stitched frame
  • Bottom side: anti-slip rubber base
  • Highly wear-proof
  • Protection from over-voltage
  • Protection from overheating
  • Protection from overload
  • Short-circuit protection
  • Gets charged via 1m Micro USB cable
  • Weight: 220G


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